How We’re Different

As an innovative membership practice, we offer a unique care experience as compared to traditional primary care practices.   These differences include:

  Traditional Primary Care Practice Dr. Alan Pocinki Membership Practice
Care Orientation Treat you when you get sick Keep you healthy, proactively manage chronic disease, & provide convenient access to care when you are ill
Urgent Care Appointments within 2-3 business days Same day sick visits
Time with your doctor 6 to 8 minute visits Unhurried, comprehensive visits that give your doctor time to fully understand your needs, and then work with you to develop a plan of care
Access to your doctor outside of office visits None typically - you must come into the office for any questions or treatment Email and telephone access to your doctor so you can avoid the time & expense of an office visit for many issues & follow-up questions
Access to technologies that improve your convenience None typically - most offices are paper based Secure online access to your health records & latest test results; online prescription refills; exclusive website w/ trusted Mayo Clinic health information
Interventions to improve your health Prescription medications Prescription medications, nutrition & fitness assessments, custom Wellness Plans, personalized health & wellness coaching, customized health information targeted to your needs
Support outside of office visits None typically
24/7 access to nurses to answer health questions; access to Health Advisors who proactively coordinate your care
Fees for incidental administrative services Additional fees for copying & faxing records, processing prescription refills, email consultations, sending lab results None – included in your membership fee
Wellness Focus Limited, primarily sick care Focus on nutrition, fitness, and emotional health in addition to top quality clinical care
Service philosophy Assembly-line medicine - focus is on quickly churning you through the system Personalized care that exceeds your expectations – you’re treated as a valued Member and client

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