Membership Practice

We are a part of an exclusive, invitation-only community of top physician practices called Privia Health.   We work closely with Privia to provide you a healthcare experience that focuses not only on convenient access to care when you get sick, but also on customized programs to maintain and advance your health & wellbeing.  

Affordable Memberships

We ask all patients who wish to participate in our membership practice to join Privia Health for a monthly membership fee starting at just $45 a month.   Our membership fee is a small fraction of the cost of “concierge medicine” programs that many other top physicians are implementing – we feel our approach is a much better value. 

Our membership fee enables us to have the additional time that’s needed to provide more personalized care to each of our patients – including spending time communicating with you and proactively managing your care outside of office visits.   The membership fee also gives us access to valuable support from Privia’s nurse care managers and wellness experts, access to trusted health education and tools from Mayo Clinic, plus access to technologies that help make our practice more efficient - and provide you with better convenience.

As a Member of Privia Health in our practice, you can receive:

  • Same/next day appointments for sick visits
  • Unhurried, comprehensive visits that focus on prevention & wellness
  • Priority email & telephone access to Dr. Pocinki – saving you the time & expense of an office visit for many routine issues
  • Annual wellness assessment & consultations with a top nutritionist and fitness trainer
  • Secure, online access to your health records & latest test results
  • Time saving tools such as online prescription refills
  • Annual health & wellness risk assessment & Wellness Plan, prepared by your doctor and health advisor
  • Access to Privia’s team of Personal Health Advisors – nurse care managers who will follow-up on your doctor’s recommendations, secure appointments with leading specialists, help you manage your health spending, and proactively coordinate your care
  • 24/7 access to expert nurses, who can answer your health questions
  • Global medical assistance when you are traveling
  • Access to the exclusive Privia Member website, with goal tracking, health information, and wellness tools from the trusted experts at Mayo Clinic

If you are a new patient, or an existing patient who has not yet signed-up, please do so by clicking Join Now